Selecting Laminate Floor Colors To Fit Your Home

Laminate flooring colors are quite unique. There are plenty of ways that you can change the look of a room with just a simple different color. Yet, when you are purchasing laminate flooring, you will likely be investing quite a bit of money into it. Therefore, you really should try to select the colors that provide the very best complement to your rooms and your home. There are many things to think about here.

Color To Match

The first thing to consider is how well the color of the laminate flooring will work with other types of coloring that you have in your home. If the laminate will be pine and will have a light gloss to it, determine if this will match the other tones in the room. Look at baseboards, mantels, window frames and furniture. Light colored wood works well with other light colors. Cherry colored laminated will have a richer, darker tone with a hint of red to them. You will want to insure that the right blend of colors accompanies this.

The color of the laminate can also play a role in the function of the room as well. You will want to insure that the laminate will have the ability to handle the travel that it gets in the way of color. You should concentrate on having a color that will hide debris well in a heavy traffic area.

Laminate is available in many colors. You should also consider the pattern of the laminate flooring. You will want to take some time to find the pattern that works well in the room. This may be a natural wood grain or you may want to shape the wood into planks of varying sizes. This will allow for a more sophisticated look. You can find a number of patterns to compare right on the web. Although placing the laminate flooring down in a detailed pattern is more work, it will pay off in the long run.

There are two main things to think about when purchasing laminate flooring in terms of color. First, select the wood pattern that you enjoy. The pattern of the flooring will create part of the coloring scheme. Second, select the finish that works well with the surrounding area. Most types of laminate can be stained in virtually any color that you would like. The goal is to create a look with your laminate that is fitting for the home and for your tastes.

Sell Your Home: What Do Home Buyers Want?

A poll of potential buyers released March 1, 2006 by Maritz Research revealed that sellers ought to do more than just look after required maintenance before showing their home. In fact, decorating improvements help make a strong impact on buyers and can ultimately affect a home’s market value.

The study found that although renovations can boost a home’s sales price, sometimes too much unique style can decrease a home’s marketability. Therefore, if you’re selling a home, you should understand your profiled buyer and make changes that buyers in your price range and location want.

The study found that thirty-six per cent of potential buyers were willing to pay premium prices for homes with updated interior decoration. Surprisingly, more men than women wanted updated decor with 41 percent of men versus 30 percent of women desiring this feature. More than likely, this is because women like to decorate their own homes and men want to move in without doing any work on the house.

When asked which home feature they would pay more for, 79 percent of buyers said that they would be willing to pay more for a renovated kitchen. However, most of these buyers did not want to pay for a remodeled kitchen in a style they didn’t prefer. Home sellers need to evaluate the cost of a kitchen renovation in relation to the expected price increase. Often, a though deep cleaning, painting in today’s color choices, and a new faucet combined with home staging strategies give home sellers the market edge without a large cash outlay.

The poll stated that 63% of buyers preferred a higher priced home ready to move into than a bargain priced fixer-upper. Because home buyers are willing to spend more for the ideal home, but not the time or work to renovate a fixer, home sellers who take advantage of home staging can make their home feel like a “dream home” without undertaking major remodeling projects.

Although most buyers prefer a renovated home, the poll revealed that 65 percent of buyers expect to spend about $5,000 making their home suit their tastes and that only nine percent of home buyers would only buy a home that needs no improvements.

Consider your home decorating in your list of home improvements to get your home ready to sell.

Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

Christmas Gift Ideas: Interior Decor Presents

Choosing a gift for someone to display in their home can be frustrating. On the other hand, if you’re shopping for a friend or family member, you can give a present that will be appreciated.

When to Not Give Home Décor Presents

If you’ve never been to your friend’s home, I would definitely not give a household item unless it’s for a recent bride with a gift registry. Even if you’re gift shopping with your friend and she points out a darling framed picture or frilly pillow, that doesn’t mean the item will fit in her personal interior décor.

Perhaps you know your friend collects figurines like I do. Because of my last name, I started collecting fish years ago. However, I collect tiny glass antique fish, about one inch tall. The large wooden fish my mother gave me just doesn’t fit my interior décor.

How to Give Home Décor Presents

If you have been to your friend’s home and know she needs to complete her home decorating with accessories, here are some gift ideas:

1. Double check your friend’s color scheme. Your gift doesn’t have to match perfectly to blend in.

2. Make sure her home isn’t too crowded with many small decorating items. Many small accessories make a home feel cluttered.

3. Make something yourself that has meaning to you both. For instance, make a stained glass icon to reflect light in her bathroom window.

4. Find an old snapshot of you two from the past. Get the picture touched up professionally and frame it in a frame that blends in with her home decorations.

5. Give your friend a huge candle dressed up with pearls, sequins, or seashells with a base that matches her style. For instance, if she loves silver, crystal, ceramics, or brass, choose that material.

If you give thought to your gift with these interior decorating tips, you will make your friend happy.