Southwest Home Decor – Tips For Decorating In This Comfortable, Colorful Style

Southwest home decor is popular with people from all backgrounds. The bright, vibrant colors attract many folks who love the rich culture that it represents and there are many ways to incorporate this decorating style into your home.

Decorating in a Southwestern style utilizes beautiful, saturated colors. Many people enjoy using these colors on their walls. If you don’t want so much color all over the room, paint most of your walls a neutral color and only one wall a bright color as an accent. You can include the bright colors in pretty throw pillows and knick knacks.

Pottery is a big part of the southwest decorating style. You can get beautiful pottery in all different sizes. You can use this type of pottery as vases for bright sunflowers, or just as pretty things to look at. You can use them in the kitchen as canisters for flour, sugar, and such. Southwest pottery is very versatile.

Southwest home decor is also great in the garden. Pottery is again useful here as terra cotta is very durable and stands up to heat very well. You can decorate these pots with colorful paint for your plants and set them around your porch for some festive decorations. You can buy things indicative of the southwest in the form of stepping stones, and perhaps a lizard or two for fun. These ideas bring your love of the Southwest into your outdoor living space.

Use Indian printed fabrics for chair coverings and bed coverings. An entire couch in this material may be a little overkill, but a strategically placed throw can bring out the theme nicely. If you have existing fairly neutral furniture, make or purchase some southwestern style throw pillows. They will liven up a room and bring in the theme that you like.

There are so many decorations you can use on the walls and shelves. A beautiful landscape of a desert sunset would be a sunning focal point in a room. You could also hang an Indian blanket on the wall as art. On shelves or bookcases you can place a small potted cactus, some earth toned candles, or small figures like lizards or kokopelli.

Wrought iron is another staple of this design style. This makes striking wall sconces and tables top candle holders. If you have a fireplace, wrought iron makes a nice fireplace grate. It is also nice for candle holders, coffee tables, and end tables. You can get this work as simple and rustic or as elegant as you like.

Southwest home decor is very versatile. Due to its popularity this type of home decor is widely available and there are many stores and websites dedicated to southwest home decor, so have fun exploring all of the different options.

Vibrant Moroccan Home Decor And Accessories

Vivid colors and stunning accents are not seen in every hallway or living room in the country, but do you really want to be just one of the crowd? Why not let your exotic side shine through with Moroccan home decor? Include exotic Moroccan furniture and accessories to create a look that is both provocative and surprising. When you use Moroccan home decor you will never be anything less than excited about the way your home looks.

Moroccan furniture and home decor can help you make your room original and unique, a place where gas and friends will want to hang out and be comfortable. You will have the feeling that you have entered another country and culture when you use authentic Moroccan furniture, however this quality and beauty does not come cheap. When you’re looking at these pieces remember that the hand carving, quality wood, and elaborate decorations remember that the price being asked is small considering these pieces will maintain their value and last for many years. Moroccan furniture is intended to be passed down through the generations while keeping a beautiful appearance, and these pieces can include varying patterns such as geometric and floral.

Moroccan home decor and accessories commonly feature henna. Henna Moroccan lamps offer brilliant colors including yellow, purple, amber, and others. These Moroccan home lighting fixtures include exotic patterns and brilliant colors that are inspiring as well as breathtaking.

Moroccan lanterns do not come in any typical style, instead each piece is a unique and original piece of art that is to be treasured. Feel a thing that these lighting fixtures having common is that they are unexpected and include vivid details that are eye-catching. Start shaped Moroccan lanterns will emit colored light in many directions from the lamp points. You can also find Moroccan lanterns that include rustic metals and stained glass to create an atmosphere that is romantic and mysterious.

Instead of using plain tiles and colored lights. Why not reverse this and use colored tiles as the focal point for regular light? Moroccan tiles can be used to create interesting mosaics that include rich colors and intricate designs. You can create tiles designs in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, blue, and green. This strategy can be excellent for any kitchen or bathroom if you want a colorful look and a lively feel which makes spending time in this room pleasant.

Moroccan home decor should include rugs in bright colors and creative designs, as well as colorful and luxurious fabrics and plenty of pillows and cushions. Combined some throws with some embroidered pillows to create a sofa that is both visually appealing and comfortable.

For an authentic feel for your Moroccan home decor a smoking hookah can really add to the atmosphere, and be a real conversation starter. Inform everyone that you know that your home decorating scheme includes Moroccan decor, and then start looking. Choose a hookah which has a finish that is bronze or stainless steel, and that includes bowls and tubes which include vivid colors and designs.